The Pittsburgh Maulers Have Unveiled Their Uniforms for the Inaugural Season

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In a video drop on both Twitter and Instagram this morning, Pittsburgh's USFL team showed off their home and away uniforms for the upcoming season.  It is slightly odd to deem them home and away as all games will be played at the same site in Birmingham, Alabama this season, but the hope is that the league expands to their home cities in the following seasons.

The color scheme for the Maulers is a deep purple and orange, as they were when the league originally disbanded in 1985.  This is different from what we are typically used to in Pittsburgh, venturing away from our Black and Gold.  

The away jersey appears to be a white jersey with purple numbers, outlined in orange.  The shoulders are the deep purple with the steel worker Maulers logo on each side.  The names are in white.

The home jerseys are deep purple with white numbers outlined in orange.  We never do see the back of that one in the video, but I would assume the names will be in white among the orange colored shoulders.  

The helmets are purple with an orange stripe down the middle.  Also distancing itself from the Steelers, the Maulers logo does appear on both sides of the helmet.

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  1. "distancing itself from the Steelers" WHY? DUMB! You're a start-up. Why not tap into that strong fanbase?

  2. I think the Pittsburgh Arena Football team tried too hard to be like the Steelers and failed. I don't hate having their own identity


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