Gold Lot Sports: State of the Union

By Editor-In-Chief, Antonio Wolfe

For those of you that follow us closely, first of all thank you.  Thank you to all of you who have kept up with us the little over a year that we've been alive.  But you've also probably noticed we've been putting out significantly less content than we have at any point in our life as a Pittsburgh sports blog.  However, that doesn't mean we're dead.

The first reason we have put out less content is the 2022 Pittsburgh Pirates.  I think I can speak for Brian on this one when I say that the season the Pirates had, and the way in which they went about it, totally disenchanted us to the game of baseball this season.  We knew they'd be bad, but I don't know if either of us knew the 2022 season would be that bad.  

So we could have chosen to scrape out uninteresting talking points to try and get clicks, or do what we did.  Which was stop writing about baseball.  Even the exciting talking points, like Oneil Cruz, lost their luster quickly among a horrendous baseball team trying its best to lose ballgames.

We also lost our Penguins writer to a different publication.  I'm happy for him and I wish him the best.  But neither Brian nor myself are die hard hockey fans.  It would be disingenuous to put hockey blogs out just to get clicks.  The spot is open though, if anyone wants to fill it! 

Then football season arrived.  Just as it did, I bought a new house.  This greatly disrupted our podcasting schedule.  I packed most of my podcasting equipment early to get the old house on the market and that killed really any attempt to get a podcast out for the last month.  It should have been something I thought of but, hand up, that's on me.  I didn't consider it.

There's also A TON that goes into moving.  Packing up the old house, moving into the new one, painter at the new house, movers at the old house, transitioning wifi, real estate photos, etc.  It's crazy.  It's the busiest I've ever been.

Also, Brian and I had the opportunity to celebrate two milestone events with friends out of town at the end of September and to start October.  We had a blast, and wouldn't trade memories like that for the world.  

However, this led to two straight weekends with both of us missing pretty much every play of Pittsburgh football, both Steelers and Pitt, for several weeks.  We spoke about BS'ing our way through a podcast and blogs about the games, but that would have, again, been disingenuous.  That's not what we're about.  We're not clickbaiting our way through this.

And why won't we put out content just to get clicks or downloads?  Because ultimately over this past year I've realized this is a hobby.  And when I try and make it more than a hobby it really becomes not fun.  I felt like I had to be online or on Twitter constantly.  We had to be the first ones to post about a Pittsburgh sports story or always comment on Twitter about games going on.  It became significantly less fun.    

I've moved into my new house and our fall softball season is coming to a close tonight, which should help with podcasting.  So we're going to get a little more on a schedule just to keep my sanity.  Brian and I are going to post our best blogs every Tuesday and Thursday.  And we will do our best to get a podcast out every week, typically on Wednesday mornings.  

I'm not even sure how many will read this.  I hope some of you have stayed loyal and enjoy what we put out, and look forward to us continuing with that.  If not, well it's only a hobby now so we'll keep doing it anyway!