Gold Lot Sports - Who Are We?


Another Pittsburgh sports blog?  Well yes and no. 

Who are we?  We are Pittsburgh natives who attend, watch, analyze, bet and cheer on as many Pittsburgh sports teams and games as anyone else in the city.

We are you.  We are fans.  We will write about the topics you talk about at the tailgate before the Steelers play Baltimore and you need to chug down one more IC Light before making it in for kickoff.  Hence our name, Gold Lot Sports.  Tailgate talk for real tailgaters like us.

Also, we are not going to talk X’s and O’s, defensive formations, box scores, or recaps.  Those are for the experts.  We are far from experts.

We know you can Google search “Pirates vs Reds Box Score”, or “How many interceptions has Kenny Pickett thrown.”  We don’t want to stop you from doing that.

What we want to bring you is an opinion on our teams.  If they’re losing, what would we do to fix it?  If they’re winning, what has been the catalyst?

We also want to enlighten you on things that maybe you just don’t have the time to look for.  Like, “So how is Najee Harris trending in his development?” or “What happened to Cole Tucker?”.

We also will have news you may have missed like a trade or an injury.  We will never deliver something you can find in a box score.  I have never heard anyone talk about needing to put the tight end in motion on 3rd and 6 while they were tossing bags at a cornhole board in the Gold Lot.  That’s not us.

We will hate the team after a loss and love the team after a win.  We will contradict ourselves, jump to conclusions, and make all the mistakes fans just like us make every season.  We will rule out the Penguins after they lose a defenseman to injury and then expect them to win the Stanley Cup after a winning streak in March.  We may love Pat Narduzzi after they dominate UMass and hate him after Pitt fakes a punt late at Virginia Tech.

Just know, we are die hard fans, just like yourselves and we want to entertain you.  We want to create conversation.  And we want to try and answer the same questions you post on social media after a big game.

We are Gold Lot Sports.  Tailgate talk for tailgaters like us.