Pitt Football Just Became Easier to Watch for Many Fans

At long last, many Pitt fans finally won't need to leave their homes or borrow streaming passwords just to watch their home football team.  It is being widely reported that Comcast and Disney have a deal in place to offer the ACC Network on Comcast cable packages.  The multi-year dispute came to an end this morning.

The news release included a joint statement saying, "Comcast will distribute the ACC Network to Xfinity customers, allowing fans and followers of the Atlantic Coast Conference to access the multiplatform network in the coming weeks."

Some fans have been unable to view the ACC network since its launch in August of 2019.  It caused some customers to cut the cord and settle for streaming services like Youtube TV or Fubo.  However, now customers of all cable and streaming services will be able to watch Pitt games again on their own TV.

This comes just after a brutal ACC Network broadcast that included Pitt playing Syracuse this past Saturday.  In addition to broadcasters that appear to be watching football for the first time, the ACC Network offers odd commercials for Alien Tape and Tac Shavers, while also missing plays entirely because their cameramen fall asleep at the wheel.  I can't wait for a whole new section of the fan base to get experience the ACC Network.  It may have some wishing the deal never happened.