Former Pirate and Greatest Hitter of All-Time Fraudulently Left Out of Hall of Fame

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I will never again look at the National Baseball Hall of Fame as a true museum of baseball until they right the wrong that took place yesterday evening.  It was announced that neither, former Pittsburgh Pirate Barry Bonds, Curt Schilling, nor Roger Clemens would be elected to the Hall in what was their final year of eligibility on the ballot.  

Barry Bonds is the single greatest hitter in the history of the game.  Period.  Steroids, no steroids, I don't care.  Barry Bonds is the greatest hitter in the history of the game.  

The most impressive webpage on the internet is the Barry Bonds Baseball-Reference page displaying his statistics.  Items in bold indicate that the player led their league in the bolded stat that season.  Items in italics indicate that the stat was also the season high for the entire major leagues.  Lastly, there are the few stats, on very few Baseball-Reference pages, that are highlighted in yellow to indicate the career total is an all-time record.  

Bonds' Baseball-Reference page looks like a bolded Greek manuscript that a child went wild on with a yellow highlighter.  There are only four seasons where Bonds did not lead the Major Leagues in a hitting stat, and that was from when he was 21-24 years of age and just cutting his teeth in the league.  Not to mention Bonds has the career homerun record, the single season homerun record, and was so dominant that opposing managers used to elect to intentionally walk him WITH THE BASES LOADED.

If this wasn't enough of an indictment of the Baseball Writer's of America, in the same year they have left off Curt Schilling and Roger Clemens in their final year of eligibility on the ballot.  Sure, they cite the morality clause.  However, it seems that morality comes down to who didn't kiss the feet of the Baseball Writer's of America, the single most pretentious group of human beings on the planet.  

Bonds and Clemens are being left out because of suspected steroid use, and Schilling is being left out because he's a bit of a political wacko on Twitter, but who cares?? Political affiliation should have no standing on if you are one of the greatest baseball players to ever play the game, which Schilling was.  And the same man, Bud Selig, who turned a blind eye toward steroids for years has his plaque hanging in the Hall.  So suspected users like Bonds and Clemens get the book thrown at them, but the man who profited from it doesn't?  Give me a break.

This comes down to a bunch of old, cranky, pretentious sports writers who were never good enough to play in the big leagues themselves so they take it out on those with real talent.  The Hall of Fame has now proven itself fraudulent by not stepping in and demanding these titans of the game be let in on their play alone.  They earned it.  End Rant.