In the Case of Jordan Addison - It Takes Two to Tamper

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The news broke this past weekend that Biletnikoff winner, and top Pitt wide receiver, Jordan Addison, was considering transferring to USC.  The reports noted that Addison was being attracted there by a giant NIL deal thought to be valued in the millions of dollars.  These reports are even without Addison ever officially entering the transfer portal.  

With how much is known about the deal already, this is clear tampering.  Teams are not allowed to talk to players who are not in the transfer portal.  If a deal was struck, then this most certainly is tampering.  However, that's for the courts to decide.

This is the nature of college football now that players are, rightfully, able to benefit from their name, image, and likeness.  Unfortunately, what we have seen is this wasn't particularly thought out.  The NIL referendums came out so fast that the proper protocols to keep integrity within the sport were not set.  If your boosters have the most money, you can have the best players.  Plus, players can transfer with no penalty or consequence.  It's a free agency system with no "contracts" beyond one year.

All weekend the main narrative surrounding the situation was "don't hate the player, hate the game."  This was in large part speaking to the idea that this is in no way Jordan Addison's fault.  He is simply taking advantage of a broken system and "securing his bag".  

This is true.  Addison is taking advantage of a broken system.  And most of us would do the exact same thing.

However, there are plenty of players who haven't.  In fact, reportedly Kenny Pickett was being pursued last year by Notre Dame, and instead, decided to stay.  

I'm not saying that Addison is totally to blame.  First to blame is the broken system.  Second to blame is the slimiest guy in college football, USC head coach Lincoln Riley.  Third to blame is whatever donor needs his team to win so badly that he or she would spend millions of their business's money and never see a return on investment.  It's pretty silly that people need their college football team to win to that extent, but I don't decide how others spend their money.

Then, way down the list of blame is Jordan Addison.  However, he is still on the list.  He still went about this all wrong and needs to be held accountable for it.  

If Addison was considering this move he should have entered the transfer portal back when it opened.  Not two days before the deadline, giving Pitt little time to react with plans of their own.  He also should never have made a meal out of saying he was staying at Pitt his entire career as he has said several times this offseason.  

There also is still some value in loyalty despite loyalty being a lost trait in college athletics.  In this case, Addison is showing a lack of loyalty regardless of the reason.

I also kept seeing all weekend, "you can't blame Addison, and I wish him the best moving forward."  I don't.  Sorry, I don't.  I don't wish him an injury nor a bad life moving forward, but I hope USC goes 0-12 and never scores another point.  

When you're not on my team, I'm not a fan of you anymore.  Especially when you choose to leave my team.  You, Jordan Addison, are no longer a Pitt Panther, by your choice, so I will root against you.  Especially because you're now on the team showing the least amount of integrity in the nation.

I can't tell Jordan Addison what to do with his life. But you also can't tell me I can or can't blame him, or I still need to root for him.  Get out of here with that.  This is sports and Addison and USC are now the enemy.