Cardinal Fans Still Find Way to Cry Over Win Against Pirates

Photo credit: Scott Kane/AP

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Yesterday was a terrible day of baseball for Pittsburgh Pirate fans.  They had just two runs across both games of a day/night doubleheader against the St. Louis Cardinals.  While Game 1 wasn't terrible, it continued an awful stretch of offense for the Pirates.  They managed to lose just 3-1.

The second game was not so kind.  The Cardinals got out to a 7-0 lead early on Pirates starter Bryse Wilson who was, hopefully, only up for the doubleheader and we will never see him in a Pirates uniform again.  Paul Goldschmidt hit seemingly his 100th and 101st homerun in back-to-back innings, and is currently the leading candidate for "Pirates Killer of the Year" by a longshot.  

The dominance of the game continued as Cardinal starter, Miles Mikolas, brought a no-hitter into the 9th inning.  After retiring Michael Perez and Tucupita Marcano, rookie Cal Mitchell came to the plate.  Mitchell managed to hit a fly ball just out of reach of Cardinal center fielder, Harrison Bader.  It would bounce over the fence for a ground-rule double, ending the no-hitter.  Mikolas would then retire Jack Suwinski for the final out.  

This would secure a second win for the Cardinals in the same day, with Game 2 being in dominant fashion.  So surely such a bad day for Pirate fans would result in a very good, and positive, day for the opposing fans, right?  Well, that's assuming you didn't know St. Louis Cardinal fans are the worst fans in all of baseball.

Apparently, Cardinal fans think that no-hitters should simply be relinquished to pitchers without them earning it.  And opposing hitters should lay down in the batter's box and let three straight pitches go by for strikes.  That's what Cardinal fans must think.

Because they exhibited such thought in Cal Mitchell's Instagram comments after the game.  They harassed the young, promising, rookie to the point that he had to turn off his Instagram comments, and I'm assuming if he went to this length on Instagram, he probably had to mute all of social media for the evening.  You can see some of the comments below:

Poor Cardinal fans.  They can't even enjoy their 3-game win streak and 2.5 games up on the Milwaukee Brewers because, god forbid, a rookie trying to make his way in the league didn't simply give their pitcher a no-hitter.  I don't follow Cal on Instagram, but I can assure you the crying continued all night on Twitter.  

Warning: The Tweets below have explicit language.

It's long been known that Cardinal fans are spoiled, entitled brats (just ask any Cubs fan), but sometimes I forget.  It takes nauseating nights like these to remember just how insufferable they can be.  No wonder the Rams left for Los Angeles.  

As for Pirate fans, God Bless all of us.  We are in the midst of a terrible stretch of baseball, and would do anything for a near no-hitter or two straight wins of a doubleheader right now.  Let's just hope that if we do ever see the sustained success that the Cardinals have had, we don't become spoiled little brats like they have.