Local Radio Host Has Worst Pittsburgh Sports Take of All-Time

I've seen many Pittsburgh sports takes in my day, especially with the emergence of social media.  By count, there have certainly been more bad takes than good takes.  Admittedly, I've had some doozies in my day.  However, yesterday's take from 93.7 The Fan's, Colin Dunlap, may have been the worse I have seen to date.

We've all come to know, and love, the stereotype that Pittsburgh sports fans, especially Steeler fans, are everywhere.  Us locals know that whenever we are traveling to a beach, a different city, or even a different country, Pittsburgh sports fans are everywhere.  If you look up at one of those high-rise condominium buildings that now line every beach up the East Coast you will see either a Steelers flag or beach towel draped over the railing.  

We also know when traveling to these locations, the Pittsburgh International airport is typically packed with Steeler, Pirate, and Penguin garb as people wait for their flight.  It's who we are, who we have always been, and how we were raised.  Wearing our Pittsburgh sports clothing is just what we do.  It's also most of our wardrobe so chances are the Steeler shirt you have from the 70's or the Penguins shirt you have from the 90's is your most comfortable outfit.  It is what it is.

Well apparently Colin has a problem with all of us.   He was on vacation in Florida, hanging out by the pool, and a family walked by in "head to toe Steelers stuff."  I'm sure he was embellishing a bit, and there were a few Steeler t-shirts and a couple Steelers beach towels.  Really not that crazy regardless.  However, Colin had this to say:

Warning: there is some graphic language in the below Tweet 

First of all, what is with our city's flagship radio station, 93.7 the Fan, always trying to yuck this city's yum.  It started with "Donny Football" (isn't there a Barstool employee with this nickname already) putting down anyone who wanted to enjoy this weekend's Kenny Chesney concert.  Which, by the way, came and went without a hitch.  It was also one of the loudest concerts I've ever been to.  

Can't people just enjoy what they want to enjoy, wear what they want to wear, and live their own life?  Not according to these guys.

Second, nobody's seeing you, Mr. Dunlap, in a pool in Florida and instantly thinking, "I must talk to him about Pittsburgh sports."  Maybe, maybe someone recognizes you and strikes up a quick 30-second conversation filled with mostly small talk and pleasantries.  But man, you're on the radio.  People aren't recognizing your face as much as you think they are.  

Third, I wear my Pittsburgh sports garb constantly in different locations.  That doesn't mean I'm seeking out a conversation about who the Steelers are going to line up in the slot this year.  Or why Oneil Cruz should be up in the majors.  It's just typically what I packed.  I probably don't even realize I have it on, and I'm certainly not using it as a conversation starter.  

I want to be alone on my vacation as much as you do, and even if I did recognize you, Colin, I'm not looking to talk to you either.  Not because it's Colin Dunlap, but I'm with my family, I'm not there to meet strangers.

However, I will say when people have approached me about my Pittsburgh fandom while on vacation it has been an absolute joy to have those conversations.  I want to hear about how you're from Monroeville and your parents have a condo down at the beach that you rent every year.  I want to hear about the last time you were in Pittsburgh and whether you enjoyed it or not.  It takes five minutes of my time.  

Nobody is coming up to me, nor Colin Dunlap, and asking for an autograph and a picture.  It's really just exchanging pleasantries.  

Now, one thing Colin is good at is getting people to listen to his radio show.  I give him, Andrew Fillipponi, and all those guys a lot of credit for this.  Despite terrestrial radio being on its last years, they do know how to stir up controversy and get ratings.  So if you had any second thoughts on if this was a bit or not, refer to the tweets below:

So you got me Colin.  You got the attention you were looking for.  But I couldn't just sit quiet and let such a terrible take go by without commenting.  Because despite you not being proud of your Pittsburgh heritage when you're out of town, I am.  And really, as a fat guy I just pack my loosest shirts to the beach, which are typically Pittsburgh Pirate free shirt Friday giveaways. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Also, if you're looking for the beach umbrella in the photo to show off your Steelers pride, you can find it here: https://amzn.to/3MLqhxj