What are the Pittsburgh Pirates Thinking with Yu Chang?

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I've noted before that occasionally I will use this platform here to rant and rave for a blog or two when I am feeling emotional about the Pittsburgh Pirates, or one of my other favorite Pittsburgh sport teams.  I am a fan, first and foremost, and we foster that sort of outlook here at Gold Lot Sports.  Other times I want to be more leveled and have my opinion be informative.  I think this one will teeter that line.

I'm not overly emotional about the Pirates new first baseman, Yu Chang, as I am more just confused.  Chang was brought in on a trade for cash considerations from the Cleveland Guardians.  

You know when you have like an old mattress that you can't throw away so you put it up on Facebook Marketplace for free because it'd be better to just have it out of the house?  That's how the Guardians had to feel about Yu Chang.  And sure enough, the Guardians checked their DM's and saw a message from Pirates' GM Ben Cherington asking "Is this still available?"

So after negotiations that could not have taken much longer than a half an hour phone call, Chang became a new member of the Pittsburgh Pirates, and took Cole Tucker's spot on the 40-man roster.  Now, I've been calling for Tucker's head since the second week of the season, but if you are going to finally dispense of a former 1st round pick, make it even the slightest bit worth it.  Chang is not worth the stitching it took to make his jersey.  

I'm sorry this is so brutal, but there are bad stat lines, and then there is the 2022 stat line of Yu Chang.  In 23 plate appearances this season, Chang is batting .045 with one hit, one RBI, and fifteen strikeouts.  He is striking out 65% of the time he walks up to the plate.  I often say facetiously while watching baseball games, "I could have done that!", but in this case, I truly believe I could do that.

What becomes more baffling is that he was seemingly brought in to fill a role at first base while Michael Chavis was dealing with an injury.  Chavis, however, returned to play very shortly after the acquiring of Chang.  Is there a disconnect between Ben Cherington and the Pirates medical staff?  Cherington had to know Chavis was almost back, right?  And even if you want a platoon situation, Chang and Chavis are both right-handed hitters!  It's very perplexing.

To make matters worse, at the time of this writing on Wednesday morning, Chang is slated to make his second start in a row.  We have been applauding the Pirates for letting their young stars start to cut their teeth at the major league level, and get some legitimate major league experience under their belts.  While at the same time they have first baseman Mason Martin waiting in the wings in the minor leagues.  Give any of these rookies a chance at first base as they could not be any worse than Chang.  

It's really just a truly confounding situation and there hasn't been a great explanation by management as to why they sought this guy out.  It's becoming comical.  I feel like we're being Punk'd.  Is this the Truman Show?  What are the Pittsburgh Pirates thinking with Yu Chang??