The Pirates Are Finally Upgrading the Worst Part of PNC Park

Photo credit: Antonio Wolfe/Gold Lot Sports

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I was at a Pittsburgh Pirates season ticket holder event on Friday evening.  They actually do a great job putting an event together despite their inability to put a team together.  

However, the event itself was not particularly what caught my eye that evening.  As we stepped out into the seating area, I noticed a very welcome sight.  The scoreboard out in left field was actively being replaced.  


PNC Park has remained one of the most beautiful ballparks in all of Major League Baseball.  The views are gorgeous and you can't beat the upgrades they made in the outfield last season in order to generate a more social atmosphere.  However, the scoreboard was falling well behind other ballparks in the league.  

Most ballparks I have visited have upgraded to giant ultimate HD screens.  Essentially a gigantic television screen.  The Pirates still had a big rear projection panel screen with many of the panels burnt out.  And I know, what a first world complaint among all of the other things wrong with the team.  But it was nearly impossible to see the screen during day games if the sun was shining on it.

And potentially, looking at the photo above, the Pirates are simply replacing the burnt out panels.  However, I did receive a tip in July that the plan was to replace the video board.  We are not in the world of Breaking News so I didn't mention it at the time, but it does verify that this is the real thing.  

So at long last, the worst part of PNC Park is being upgraded.  I've been asking for this for years and I'm glad I no longer have to die on this hill.  Also, spare me with the "the team is the worst part of PNC Park" or "They finally replaced the owner?!".  Your jokes are not as original or funny as you think they are.