Pitt Football Makes Major Schedule Announcement

Photo credit: Jeffrey Gamza/Pitt Athletics

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I've been waiting for this one.  I know we all hate Notre Dame, and really don't understand why or how they have such a large following of fans who never went there, but they remain a huge draw on any football schedule.  And as someone who has now been to two games there, I must admit it is one of the nicest campuses I have ever been on.  Especially in the fall.  So I've been eager to know when Pitt will play at Notre Dame this season, hoping it's early enough in the Fall that there's no risk of snowy roadways on the way to Indiana.

The Pitt Football Twitter account announced today that the Panthers will play the Irish in South Bend on Saturday, October 28th this year.  I know we have had some snowy Halloweens in the past, but as of late, that is a beautiful time of year.  Not too hot, not too cold, the leaves are changing, and if we can avoid rain, it makes for the perfect road trip.

It is also a rematch of sorts for the Panthers.  Wake Forest transfer quarterback Sam Hartman just recently committed to Notre Dame.  Pitt hasn't seen Hartman since they dominated him in the second half of the ACC Championship game in 2021.  Hartman had an abysmal four interception game, and Pitt held the Demon Deacons to zero points after the 1st quarter.  

However, Wake Forest was still characterized last offseason as the up and comer out of the ACC, ready to finally dethrone Clemson.  Even though Pitt beat both Clemson and Wake Forest in 2021.  So as a Pitt fan, yes I'm jaded.  I still feel like Pitt isn't getting the respect they deserve.  They are clearly the second best ACC football team since joining the conference.

Pat Narduzzi and his defense should have no problem again with Hartman, and it should finally give Pitt football the national respect they deserve.  I look forward to seeing Hartman again, and this time maybe he'll throw 5 INTs instead of 4.  Regardless, I'm very excited for this game and I hope to see a lot of you all in South Bend for Halloween weekend this year.