Terry Bradshaw Inexplicably Left Off NFL Network Super Bowl QB List

Getty Images

Gregg Rosenthal, who works for NFL Gameday on the NFL Network, came out with a list titled, "Top 10 Super Bowl QBs - All-Time".  While I know these lists going out on Twitter are meant for engagement, sometimes I get trapped by them.  I give the author of the list the engagement they are looking for.  In this case, it is because his list is egregiously bad.

Now, you may think, "Who is Gregg Rosenthal?  Who cares?".  But when you work for the NFL Network, you are representing the NFL.  And when you represent the NFL, you should not be putting out fake lists for clout or for Twitter engagement.  You have a responsibility to represent the NFL and be honest to those who will take your word at face value because you've been given such a great responsibility.  

So it's irresponsible to leave Pittsburgh Steeler-great Terry Bradshaw off a list like this.  I know a lot of people these days see Terry Bradshaw as the corky guy who is the butt of the joke on the NFL Fox pre-game show.  And for the last couple of decades, he has been.  But let's not forget that Terry Bradshaw is one of the winningest Super Bowl quarterbacks of all-time.  He is also in an exclusive club of those who have 4+ Super Bowl rings and 2+ Super Bowl MVP Awards with just Tom Brady and Joe Montana.  

Let's be clear on this.  Every list that involves quarterbacks in reference to all-time greatness needs to include Terry Bradshaw.  The Steelers dynasty in the 70's was unmatched until Tom Brady entered the league.  Those Steeler teams have their own wing in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  Keeping Bradshaw off a list like this is an insult to those teams as a whole, and the Pittsburgh Steelers franchise.  

Going even beyond quarterbacks, every list that includes some sort of Super Bowl greatness must include a Steeler.  Greatest Super Bowl Defenders of All-Time, Super Bowl Coaches of All-Time, even the greatest plays in Super Bowl history should include a Steeler play or two.  

But it's egregious, asinine, and insulting to leave Terry Bradshaw off an All-Time quarterbacks list.  And when you work for the NFL Network you are a reflection of the NFL.  So Gregg Rosenthal should be ashamed of himself for putting out a list solely for Twitter engagement and to get people riled up.  If that's the path sports "journalism" is taking these days, it needs to stop.  Your reputation should take precedent over Quote Tweets and replies.  What a clown.