If the Pirates Hype Video Didn't Get You Excited For Baseball, You Don't Have a Pulse

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The Pittsburgh Pirates released a hype video on Twitter yesterday.  It was narrated by Andrew McCutchen overtop a Mac Miller song, while showing different parts of the city.  What more could you need to get ready for a new Pittsburgh Pirates season??

Here is the video linked below:

Look, I'm not disillusioned to think that the Pirates are going to have a great year.  I think they'll be about 10 games better than last year, which is still only 72 wins.  However, this video is why we love sports.  We attach this arbitrary worth of our city to its sports teams and that's what makes sports so great.  Our little city is talked about with the best and biggest in the world because we have three storied franchises and, relatively, great successes.  

They say some things are bigger sports.  But are they?  Family and friends are bigger than sports.  But what do we spend the most time doing with our family and friends?  Watching sports. I know I'll be watching with my Dad today.

Religion is more important than sports.  Sure, but we all have to admit we've prayed for our team before, right?  Even if it's just the health and safety of our players.

Jobs are more important than sports.  Well, did you see how many people weren't working the first Thursday and Friday of the March Madness Tournament this month.

Sports are life.  And no matter how your team is expected to fare in a given season, the start of a new season is special and exciting.  That video, narrated by Cutch and featuring late local legend Mac Miller should get you excited.  So if that Pirates hype video didn't get you ready for a new baseball season, go to the MedExpress and get your heart rate checked.  

Happy Opening Day everybody!