WVU Fans Need to Remember Their Past Before Coming at Pitt

Photo credit: Lee Coleman/Getty Images

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WVU fans were having difficulty coping with their loss to Maryland in the Round of 64 of the NCAA Tournament yesterday.  I get it.  When you think you'd be better in every other conference, and then lose to the 5th best team in the Big Ten, that's probably hard to cope with.  All delusions you had were smashed in one afternoon.  That's tough.

However, in the midst of this coping, several WVU fans actually forgot their own past.  It was amazing.  It's as if events that occurred are completely different in their brains.  I get that too.  Thinking is hard.  It's not one of their strengths.  It's not like chewing tobacco, or burning couches, or shooting muskets.  Thinking is hard for some people.  Especially them.

One fan in particular had this to say about Pitt, and the ACC as a whole:

"ACC schools have a "snobby" attitude like their shit don't stink. Good luck when the conference implodes and FSU,Miami and Clemson head for the SEC. Your gonna be out there with no home,maybe the Big Xll might take you,probably not though. Your to high society for us"

I promise, the incorrect spelling wasn't even photoshopped.  To help @67_mountaineer, it should be 'You're', 'you're', and 'too'.  So you're actually probably right.  We are too high society for you if spelling is involved.

Also, if conference realignment and being "let in" is the road you want to go down, let's roll.  The ACC didn't want you.  When the Big East collapsed in 2010, you were without a home.  Former WVU AD Oliver Luck called around to the ACC and the SEC.  The conference officials who took the call probably did an exceptional job of stifling a laugh, because they're professionals, and then turned you down politely.  

That's why you're in the Big 12.  Not because WVU wanted to be, but because nobody else would let you in.

And I don't know if the remaining Big 12 teams are really who should be using conference realignment as a retort.  The Big 12 is losing their two biggest programs in Texas and Oklahoma to the SEC.  The Big 12 is on life support and the plug is about to be pulled.  Maybe, the ACC will let you in this time, but I doubt it.

Another WVU fan had this to say:

Pal, if you think the conference heads give one single iota about a school's basketball program when deciding who will join what conference, you need to get your hillbilly head out of your behind.  It's football, baby.  That's the cash cow.  And Pitt's football program is three or four full steps ahead of the Mountaineers.  But, again, thinking is not their strong suit.

You may be thinking, "Antonio, this is pretty harsh. What if they see this?'  Frankly, I'm surprised the two Twitter users above even have Internet access.  I also used plenty of long and correctly spelled words in this blog so I don't think they'll be able to read it anyway.