Pressure Mounts for Matt Canada After Steelers' Draft

(Getty Images)

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Frankly, I was shocked this weekend when the Pittsburgh Steelers again used high draft capital on the offense, including an offensive skill player in the 4th round.  Going back to the 2020 draft, the Steelers have selected 29 draft picks with 15 of them being offensive players, and 10 of those offensive players at skill position.

However, just since 2021, the Steelers have selected seven offensive skill players in the draft.  They also have used their first pick on offensive players in each of the last four drafts.  In 2021 and 2022, they used their first two picks on offensive skill players.  The Steelers were already loaded with young offensive talent going into this year's draft.  

This year, the Steelers selected Offensive Tackle Broderick Jones with their first round pick.  It was just further proof that the Steelers are still focusing on building the offense around young quarterback, Kenny Pickett, who was selected with their 1st round pick in last year's draft.

What also surprised me is that the Steelers opted to take a tight end with their 4th round pick when they selected Darnell Washington out of Georgia.  Just based on all of the weapons the Steelers have already given Kenny Pickett through the draft (Najee Harris, George Pickens, Diontae Johnson, Pat Freiermuth, Calvin Austin) and the addition of Allen Robinson through free agency, I didn't think the Steelers would add another offensive skill position this draft.  To me, that pick specifically shows how much the front office expects out of the Steelers' offense this season.

So while it certainly puts some added pressure on our 2nd-year QB, I think it more so puts the pressure on Steelers' Offensive Coordinator, Matt Canada.  Canada is on the hottest seat in the league, in my opinion, as the Steelers offensive struggles have grown under his management.  While last season he had the excuse of rotating quarterbacks, with one being a rookie, this season Canada will not have those excuses.  

The Steelers have also not just given Pickett these weapons, as previously discussed, but any Offensive Coordinator should be salivating with all of these high drafted tools.  Unfortunately, the players are only as good as the offensive scheme they are playing in, and Canada has left a lot to be desired with his schemes so far in the NFL.  

Canada for the most part has failed upward.  Since his great season at Pitt in 2016, he's bounced from job to job with very little success.  He appears to still run a college-style offense that just isn't translating to the pro game.

A proud franchise like the Steelers will not put this much draft capital into the offense and have it disappoint again.  After finishing with a non-losing record for the 16th season in a row, head coach Mike Tomlin isn't going anywhere.  If the Steelers fail again to make the playoffs or fail to win a postseason game, it is Canada who will be rightfully be scapegoated.  The pressure mounts for the reeling OC, and the Steelers focusing on offense again in this draft adds even more.